Excited! 20,000 people visit everyday on iCliniq.com

Excited! 20,000 people visit everyday on iCliniq.com


If everyone who visits the hospitals had one superpower, mostly every individual would use it to be the first person in the appointment book. Nobody wants to wait in the long queues, especially when it is related to your health. Another reason why it is safe to avoid these lines at the hospital is for hygiene and cleanliness purposes. With everyone coming to the floor with health issues, it is easy to be affected by those around. Thankfully, with the growth of technological innovations, we have witnessed online medical consultation portals to act as virtual hospitals. These online portals offer more than simple doctor consultations. They offer second opinions, allows numerous hours with the physician and track the prescriptions suggested.

One of the pioneers of this movement is iCliniq. The online healthcare portal replaces hospitals in several ways resulting in a quicker and better healthcare benefits for the public. However, one important question prevails – what are the contributing factors for these online clinics to work? We have a look at a couple of points to understand digital healthcare industry.

1. Myriad of doctors across specialties: Online medical portals including iCliniq work as one big hospital with hundreds of thousands of doctors available for consultation at the click of a button. From endocrinologist to cardiologists, doctors from across specialties have registered and easily accessible. A notable number of over 80+ specialties are addressed via iCliniq portal every day.

2. Quick consultation: Did you know that the average number of visits to iCliniq is 20,000 in a day? This is at least five times the number of visits a multi-speciality hospital in a big city. Without any noise, waiting time, one can quickly consult with any doctor and clarify all their healthcare queries. This growing number is also another reason for digital portals to boom over the last couple of years.

3. Trust and reliability: One of the critical factors accounting to the security of digital medical portals is trust. The irrevocable trust that patients have both on the portal and doctors has helped in the growth of this digital space. The healthcare industry always strived on the bond between the physicians and patients. Now, this relationship has extended to medical portals including iCliniq that facilitates easy access to best medical advice.

4. Easy second opinion: Sometimes, it’s hard to get a second opinion from other doctors due to various reasons – cost, time limit, etc. But these online portals make this effortless and flexible for anyone to log in and clarify their doubts. It is also one of the main reasons for the significant growth of this industry.


About iCliniq:

iCliniq is a second opinion platform, where one can consult doctors online. You can get your health issues solved from wherever you are. As a recognition for quality iCliniq has been rated as the 5th best telemedicine companies in the world by Investopedia and Healthline.

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