Employee Benefit Vs. Online Second Opinions - The Healthcare Perspective

Employee Benefit Vs. Online Second Opinions - The Healthcare Perspective

How can second opinion and medical recommendations over online portals can help your employees?

Use of digital and technological platforms have increased over the last few years in the past, only few aspects of lights  aspects of lights depended on technology. However, with the recent inventions and necessities digital life is the new way of living. One of the prominent uses of technology is in the healthcare segment. As fitness trackers and other healthcare apps help us monitor and regulate our diet and fitness, the growth of other medical platforms have given us far more significant benefits. Online medical advisory portals including iCliniq have proven to be of great importance to all those who require immediate healthcare opinions and consult tensions.

How are these online portals, that offer health care recommendations and medical opinions, benefit the current generation?

1. Time saver

Accessing online portals saves time one does not have to travel miles to reach the hospital. Also, in this day and age, getting the doctor’s appointment has become a task and with these portals, the effort is instantly reduced. Doctors are available at very little wait time and at the comfort of your house.

2. Instant and reputed medical personnel consultation

All doctors registered in these portals, including iCliniq, have strong medical background. Each doctor is carefully instilled in the panel of doctors for consultation based on their knowledge and experience. Hence, anyone who is accessing these portals for second medical opinion can be assured of their authenticity and credibility.

3. Monetary benefits

Without healthcare insurance, certain procedures and consultations can cost a lot of money. With these healthcare portals in place, people who are unable to immediately afford health advice can benefit through these online forums.

4. Easy access

With high reputation comes higher difficulty in getting an appointment to meet the doctors. However, online portals that offer medical recommendations and opinions half this process by instantly fixing an online meeting with the doctor. The patient can immediately upload their reports for the doctor’s reviewing thus increasing their chance of getting all the answers required. 

5. Quick review

All transcripts of the patient-doctor interactions are available in the portal. This excellent feature allows members to gain access to previous consultations at the click of a button. This also gives them an opportunity to compare and contrast their health status and work on improving their fitness better.

With the growth of technology, entrepreneurs have to proven to the people that technology and digital life is not a distant and expensive dream. They have made this platform and irreplaceable an integral part of people’s lives.

 About iCliniq 

iCliniq is an online global medical second opinion platform based out of India. We have 2000+ doctors on our site, from all around the world. We provide online query & Phone/Video Consultation based medical opinions. We have solved more than 300,000 health issues for patients across 196 countries. We have been rated as 5th best in the world in telemedicine by Healthline and Investopedia.


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