Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives!

Early Cancer Detection Saves Lives!

“Cancer is not always a deadly disease, but ignorance is!” Yes, rightly so; cancer can be best treated in many cases when caught early, thanks to medical advancements. Still, why are cancer deaths on the rise? The blame has to be put on us because we take no time to detect it in the early stages by neglecting the simple signs of cancer. Wondering how you can detect cancer? Look for the few warning signs of cancer listed below.


1. Bleeding From Any Opening


Do you check your stool or urine before you flush? It might sound weird, but your poop or pee has a lot of things to say about your general health. Noting blood in them is a telltale cancer sign you have to look out for. Also, make it a habit to check your menstrual discharge. Frequent or excessive discharge can be a problem.

2. Progressive Swelling


Not all swellings are cancerous. At the same time, they cannot always be neglected, especially if you notice any signs, like enlargement of the swelling and pain. Have any long-standing swelling? Step out and get yourself checked with a physician.

3. Changes in Mole


Do you know your birth sign is an important marker for detecting cancer? Yes, a mole, although a unique birth sign, can sometimes turn cancerous. However, it does not always. Keeping an eye on your moles is always essential. When you see any rapid increase in the size, color change, ulceration, or bleeding, it is high time you go to a healthcare professional for a check-up.

4. Abdominal Pain


Yes, abdominal pain is a pretty common thing. But are you aware it is one significant sign of cancer? Having a stomachache once in a while is fine, but get it ascertained if you have persistent and severe pain.

5. Weight Loss


While many try all possible ways to lose their extra pounds, you shed with no effort. If this is the scenario, then get a check-up soon. Although thyroid disorders or stress can bring about unexplained weight loss, having a check to rule out your chance of cancer does not cost much.

6. Fatigue


Who is spared from the exhaustion of carrying out daily activities? Yes, it is tiresome, but experiencing fatigue even when you do not work much is something you should note. Are you feeling tired for no reason? Has it been for almost two weeks now? Then, do check it with a physician.

As far as cancer is concerned, early detection has the upper hand in providing protection. Saving a person’s life with cancer becomes a bit easy when the diagnosis is made at an initial stage. Look out for the significant signs of cancer; if you have any, with no further delay, rush out to your practitioner to either rule out cancer or get it treated in the best possible way because early detection is the best choice you can make!

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