Dry Skin Care: 6 Ways to Treat Dry Skin Naturally

Dry Skin Care: 6 Ways to Treat Dry Skin Naturally
Try these six tips to soothe your dry skin.

Avocado & Honey: When combined, avocado and honey make the best natural combination against skin dryness. Make a paste with both in equal proportions. Use it on your skin and rinse after 15 minutes.

Olive oil & Egg Yolk: This combo contains vitamins A, E & K and works best in combating flaky skin. Take one or two egg yolks and mix well with an equal amount of olive oil(works better with a few drops of rose water or lime as well) and use as a face pack.

Curd Face Mask: Being a natural antioxidant, curd makes the skin soft & radiant. Make a paste by mixing a little honey and lime juice with curd. Apply it on your skin and rinse it after 10 minutes.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil makes your scalp soft and smooth by acting as a natural moisturiser. Massage it into your scalp and leave it overnight for best results.

Banana & Yogurt: This combination renews your skin by exfoliating dead skin cells. Mash them up in equal quantities and use them as a face pack.

Glycerin:Glycerin hydrates your skin by absorbing and retaining moisture.

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