Down in the Dumps? Worry Not; We Got You!

Down in the Dumps? Worry Not; We Got You!

What can be extremely difficult for someone? Anything that involves dealing with emotional pain. Emotional pain derives from losing someone or something close to your heart – grief, stress, toxic relationships, and trauma. Though the pain is not staying there with you for long, the hurt can be draining even for the little it exists. This blog shall give you a few steps to move on and forward.

1. Huddle When Your Heart Is Getting Muddled


We all have that one person with whom we shall speak with zero hesitation, who also is your go-to person in crisis. When you are overwhelmed, express your thoughts frankly. Being frank with anyone is not easy; hence having someone you can rely on will help you find balance. If not a friend or a family member, there are support groups that act confidentially to help hear your thoughts with no judgments. Breathe and let your thoughts out. Find the space that makes you stronger and lets you be yourself.

2. Everything Is Better in Hindsight!


Self-reflection helps see what triggers you the most to push you back into trauma. Sometimes we may not realize what makes us angry or upset – well, it could be the people around us, unintentionally repressing the facts that have affected us in the past. Tell yourself it will be okay, and you will pull through that situation. Try not to give your mind to the thought that affected you. Turn the pages from the very conversation and move on. Ensure nothing disrupts your healing process.

3. Explore, Bloom, and Blossom!


It is indeed challenging to let go of things that burden our hearts – yes! But, remember, we do not know the days we are numbered to live. It is hard to let go, but keeping it inside you – is not taking you anywhere. Perceive it is bringing you down with a free ax you gave in. The key here is – distraction! Distract yourself with hobbies that you would like to try. Get your hands dirty with gardening – dwell in nature. Let go of that heaviness in your chest – for you did no harm to anyone, and you deserve to be happy. Manifest that you are worthy of happiness and joy at your present.

4. Move in With a Day Book!


Pen down your emotional pain – journaling! Keep a journal where you can scribble all your instances, movements, and questions you would like to ask yourself as well as others in your space. Pen it down – the black, the white, and even the gray. Writing your healing process is a powerful way to cope with your emotional baggage. While writing, it gives you the room not to be cautious or measure the words; you would like to express. Expressing your real emotions as it is, helps you feel free.


Healing starts with realizing that you are allowed to free yourself from anything that is holding you back from making progress, anything that puts you to stay still. You get to decide the load and kind of emotions you wish to carry, be it worth the pain or not, you decide.

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