DOs and DON'Ts For Dry and Sensitive Skin

DOs and DON'Ts For Dry and Sensitive Skin

Our skin protects the inner structures from harmful ultraviolet radiation, helps throw out our body’s waste through sweat, produces vitamin D, controls our body temperature and whatnot. It is definitely worth pampering our multitasking skin with a skincare regimen and making it feel good. But what if the skincare measures itself opens the door for skin damage? Especially among those with dry and sensitive skin? For your clarity, your skin health not only resides on the skincare products you choose but also on the genetics, medications (if any), age, and weather conditions. If you have dry or sensitive skin, we understand how hard it would be to maintain your skin. Here are a few tips to make your skin look healthy and happy.


1. Moisturize Every day


Maintaining your skin’s moisture is of utmost importance to achieve healthy, soft, and clear skin. If you fail to moisturize regularly, your skin eventually dries out, giving you an aged look. You can choose moisturizers with natural ingredients like shea butter and follow it with facial serums rich in nourishing oils. Follow this in the morning, and at night, your skin will stay hydrated.

2. Hydrate From Inside


Water, a substance with multiple benefits, is definitely what your skin needs for its health. Your skin too becomes thirsty if you do not drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. No doubt we all drink water to quench our thirst. But whether it is sufficient for our body’s needs is the question. Drinking enough water helps our body get rid of toxins while giving the skin a natural glow. Water also benefits overall health.

3. Choose Your Makeup Wisely


When it comes to makeup products, not all products suit people with dry or sensitive skin. Beauty experts say that foundations and powder-based makeup products tend to enhance the appearance of fine wrinkles and flakes, leaving the skin dry. Hence, instead of foundation, you can opt for a tinted moisturizer and cream-based makeup products.

4. Say “No” to Hot Water


Whether you want to wash your face or take a bath in hot water, it is a big no-no if you have dry and sensitive skin. Lukewarm or cool water is the best. Hot water irritates your sensitive skin easily, making it itchy and flaky.

5. Look For Scent-Free Products


You may want to look and smell good, but this combination does not work for people with sensitive skin. Whether it is a soap, makeup product, cream, moisturizers, or lotions, always look for those without fragrance or with subtle natural aromas. These added scents or fragrances mostly irritate sensitive skin, making it prone to itching.


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