Diet Tips for Hair Growth

Diet Tips for Hair Growth

More than the hair packs, shampoos, conditioners, and serums that you use to get shiny long hair, your diet plays a more critical role in keeping your hair healthy. As hair grows from the hair follicles in your scalp, your primary focus should be to consume foods that improve your scalp and hair follicles’ health. We have listed the best foods to promote hair growth.


1) High-Protein Diet2

95% of your hair is made up of a protein called keratin. This is why a diet that lacks protein can affect hair growth, cause hair loss, and make them look frizzy, flat, and damaged. Consuming healthy proteins will help hair growth. Most of us consume a diet high on carbohydrates and forget about proteins. If you want your mane to grow long and healthy, start including eggs, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, poultry, beans, lentils, and other sources of good protein. You can also talk to a doctor about protein supplements.

2) Biotin-Rich Foods2

Biotin, a B vitamin, is an essential nutrient for healthy hair growth. This is because biotin is vital for the production of keratin. Studies have shown biotin to improve hair growth in people with a deficiency of biotin. This deficiency can be avoided by consuming a balanced diet. Some of the good sources of biotin are lentils, organ meats, eggs, almonds, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, walnuts, etc.

3) Foods High in Iron2

Hair loss can occur due to a lack of nutrients, including iron. Iron deficiency results in low levels of hemoglobin in the blood. As hemoglobin carries oxygen to the hair follicles and other parts of the body, a lack of proper blood circulation and oxygen results in hair loss. Consuming a diet rich in iron can reverse hair loss if the cause is iron deficiency. For more iron, add meat, eggs, poultry, leafy greens, and guava to your diet.

4) Omega-3 Fatty Acids2

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy skin and help the scalp health. A healthy scalp is vital for hair health. Dry scalp and dandruff result in poor hair growth and also promote hair loss. Omega-3 fats can be found abundantly in fatty fish, walnuts, and flaxseeds. A study found that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids supplements, along with antioxidants, reduce hair fall and increased hair growth.

5) Vitamin C-Rich Foods2

All vitamins play a major role in keeping the proper flow of nutrients to the hair follicles, which keeps your hair and scalp healthy. Vitamin C is excellent for skin health, keeps your scalp healthy, and is crucial for the absorption of iron from the diet, preventing iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin C facilitates the production of collagen and strengthens hair strands. This is why it is important to consume a diet that includes citrus fruits, bell peppers, etc.


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