Diet And Fitness Secrets Of Bahubali Prabhas

Diet And Fitness Secrets Of Bahubali Prabhas


Prabhas Workout Routine

Prabhas had worked out for approximately six hours daily. Here are the key elements of his workout routine, for his role in Baahubali:

* He started the day with a 60-minute cardio regime.

* He followed various fitness techniques to support his muscles. Muscle building was his primary focus.

* Weightlifting was the major part of his evening routine.

* Like most of us, he was inspired by the diet plan & workout regime of WWF wrestlers.

Prabhas Diet Plan

Prabhas had been following a very specific diet plan for his recent venture(Bahubali). Listed below are the key points to note in his regimen.

* His breakfast comprised of protein powder mixed and boiled with 40 egg whites.

* He was on a zero carb diet. Whatever he wanted to eat had to go through a strict screening process.

* The key ingredients in his diet were nuts, fish, egg whites & vegetables. 

* He had six meals per day. Rice was strictly off the charts. 

* His body required food every two hours to maintain his muscle tone.

* Prabhas had to have at least 2000 to 4000 calories per day.

Prabhas Workout Tips

* Prabhas had to maintain his muscle tone and increase it in the right proportion. His workout regime comprised mostly of weight lifting.

* Prabhas was totally against using steroids. He believed they could cause health risks later.

* He followed a proper routine of natural and regular diet and strict workout schedule.

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