Diabetes Prevention Tips

Diabetes Prevention Tips
Diabetes Prevention Tips

Manage Your Weight.
  • The excess body fat stored particularly around the abdomen can lead to type two diabetes, by increasing the body’s resistance to hormonal insulin.

Eat a Balanced, Healthy Diet.  
  • Make healthier choices when it comes to your diet.
  • Speak with your dietitian and understand what is necessary in your diet and what is not.
  • Limit take away food and make sure you eat fresh and healthy food.

Quit Smoking.
  • Smoking increases the risk of diabetes by two times.

Stress Makes Everything Worse.
  • Increased levels of stress gets in the way of managing your diabetes.
  • Figure out the root of stress in your life.
  • Educate yourself as to how you can manage stress in your daily routine.

Monitor Blood Sugar Levels Regularly. 

The key slots for blood sugar testing follow:

  • Early morning once you wake-up.
  • Before or after your meal.
  • Before or after your workout.
  • whenever you feel your body is not right.

Have a Personal Care Plan.

Speak with your doctor and design a care plan specifically for you.
  • Know your drugs and their implications if any.
  • Make a list of your daily targets.
  • Have specific goals and achieve them.
  • Your emergency contact person.

Get Regular Checkups.

  • Visit your doctor regularly and be updated on your condition.
  • Make a list of specific questions you to ask your get them answered.
  • Plan your targets before next visit.


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