COVID Breakthrough Infections

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Ever since people started getting vaccinated against COVID-19, one question that has been revolving in their minds is, ‘Can vaccination prevent COVID-19 from occurring?’ Sadly, the answer is, ‘No.’ There is no COVID vaccine that is 100% effective, and there are chances of COVID breakthrough infection. ‘Then, why should I get vaccinated?’ If you are curious about getting an answer for it, do read the blog.


What Is a Breakthrough Infection?


COVID-19 infection, which occurs in individuals who have already been vaccinated, is called breakthrough infection. But this does not mean you can ignore your vaccination schedule.

Should I Necessarily Get the COVID Vaccine?


Breakthrough infections of COVID-19 are actual. However, it is not an excuse to neglect COVID vaccinations, as these are the only glimpse of hope to end this pandemic. As per the reports released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in August 2021, COVID vaccines can curtail the COVID-19 infection by eight times in fully vaccinated individuals. Also, the chances of hospitalization and death following a COVID illness are much more reduced to less than 25 times in individuals who got their COVID vaccine shots. So, do not have a second thought about vaccination and get it at your turn.

Should I Still Follow COVID Preventive Measures?


Fortunately, we are not short of preventive measures. Do not throw off your masks or ignore social distancing. These old-school methods are still a meaningful way to prevent the occurrence of COVID-19 infection despite the COVID vaccinations. Do wear face masks when you step out of your house, avoid social gatherings, and maintain a social distance of at least six feet. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Use a hand sanitizer in places where water is not available. Follow the respiratory etiquette like coughing and sneezing into your elbows or tissues. Properly dispose of the tissues. These preventive measures help prevent the incidence of breakthrough infection.

What Should I Do if I Get a Breakthrough Infection?


When you come in contact with people who have been tested COVID-19 positive, do take your tests within three to five days of exposure. If tested positive, reach out to a healthcare provider with adequate precautions. If your test comes back negative, nonetheless, stick to your masks.

Do remember vaccination is the sole duty of every citizen to help flatten the curve of COVID cases. Just because you are covered in a shield, you cannot let enemies attack you. Similarly, do not take COVID preventive guidelines for granted because you have got your vaccine jabs. Do not let your negligence take hold of you!

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