COVID-19 - Stopping the Spread Starts With You!

COVID-19 - Stopping the Spread Starts With You!

Well, if you have seen the news, then you must be aware of the new, not so new – COVID type headlining every media platform. By this time, is it not like walking through the same door again and again? Tiring, right? Well, okay, it is. But is it not in our hands to make this – the end game? However, knowing that it is back, it is time to stock up on the so-called new normals, aka the COVID necessities.

1. Mask, the Travel Bud


Make the mask your best bud wherever you are headed. There needs no further emphasis as we are fully aware of this travel bud who lets no harm hit us. Practice wearing it; also, wear it right. Let not your pockets or bags be the mask holders.

2. Let Us Experiment Greets


Meeting a friend after so long calls for a long hug, right? Well, COVID might not like that. Consequently – so, making you, as well as your hug partner, quarantine for another long while until your next meet-up. Okay, so no hugs; what else? It is time we experiment with new traditions or kindle some old traditions up, like saying hi by folding hands, elbow hits, bowing each other, or just waving a hi, for the time being.


Fig 1: Safer and traditional ways to greet each other

3. Home – The Safe Zone


Have not each of us posted “Home is where the heart is” at least once on social media to express our major missings when we leave home? Hard times always remind us of our homes. This indeed is a hard time; why not spend it in our sweet homes. The previous lockdown did demand us to stay back home every hour of each day; let us make the hard time pass by, with us staying home at the majority.


4. Wash, Sanitize, Repeat


Coming back home tired and drained pulls us straight to our beds; it is not good for us – the COVID warrior squad. So ensure you wash it off as and when you enter your home; to avoid being the carrier for your loved ones. Wash and sanitize to be a warrior and not a carrier.


Now you might be like, we know all of this already; why again? Well, it is just a brush up on a few necessities; for you to hold up well and fight this new COVID strain together as a team and make this – the end game.


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