Coronavirus Symptoms

Coronavirus Symptoms

What Are the Symptoms?

When we look at the symptoms of coronavirus, even doctors are yet to understand it fully, and they too learn something new every day. What we know until now is that it might not cause any symptoms for some people in the initial stages.


Trusted sources confirm that an infected victim can carry the virus without any symptoms for a time period of between two days to two weeks.

The most common symptoms that are usually observed in COVID – 19 patients include:

  1. Shortness of breath.
  2. Dry cough, which can get worse over time.
  3. A mild grade fever, that increases with time.


In some cases, the above symptoms can grow worse with time. Do not hesitate to contact emergency medical services if you or anyone around you develop these following symptoms:

  1. Breathing trouble.
  2. Your lips turn blue.
  3. Mild and persistent pain or pressure on your chest.
  4. Confusion.
  5. Unexplained drowsiness.


Doctors are yet to come to a conclusion on the full list of symptoms.

What Puts You at Risk?

A person is at a very high risk of getting infected by COVID-19 if they come in contact with a victim already carrying the virus. You might get infected if you are exposed to their saliva or if you are close when they cough or sneeze.

If you have not taken the required preventive measures, the following situations can also become very risky:

  • Staying with someone who has contracted the virus.
  • Taking care of someone who has contracted the virus at your house.
  • Getting intimate with someone who has contracted the virus.

2The Outlook Is:

There is no need to go into a panic mode. You do not have to wear a mask or quarantine yourself unless you have intense symptoms or a test confirmed that you are infected.

Washing your hands thoroughly and social distancing are necessary and very effective techniques that can help you stay safe from exposure.

In case you get infected, it is important that you stay calm and follow your doctor’s instructions to the dot so that you do not become a conduit and recover faster.


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