Coping With Cancer

Coping With Cancer

Diagnosed with cancer? A disease like cancer changes your perception of life. Please do not give in because it will not be your entire story, but only one chapter. With recent advancements, most patients with cancer get completely cured of cancer or learn to live almost everyday life with cancer. This blog will guide you through how you could evolve, cope and fight your best chance till your body supports you.

1. Overwhelmed by the News


Out of the blue, even before you had no idea about its existence, you get diagnosed with cancer. The unanswerable questions you had might push you to get second opinions from endless doctors, which is also essential. Yes, the process of accepting it is pretty challenging. Although difficult, always do remember that change is not easy but accessible. Despite the physical treatments you get, make sure you take care of your mental health. Speak your thoughts, heart-to-heart, to a professional or someone battling the same disease to gain the confidence needed to fight it.

2. Fine-Tuning With Cancer


Is coping with cancer a purely personal one? No, not at all! Cancer not only concerns the affected individual but also takes a toll on the family. The one with cancer and the caregiver needs to find the balance in their lives to cope with this disease. Let your family be aware of what you are going through. Seek your doctor’s advice even if there is a financial crisis; they shall jot down the appropriate steps to ensure at the earliest.

3. Self-Reflection


Is your image in the mirror taunting you? Yes, it is common when our looks change how we would not appreciate or ever dreamt of. With cancer, there are short-term and long-term changes to your physical appearance due to medications, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. To look on the bright side, our physical appearances should not be a concern when fighting a deadly disease. It is best to stay active while you question your self-reflection with any physical activities, such as swimming, walking, yoga, weight training, etc.

4. The New Normal


Have you survived cancer? Cheer the fact that you have actually pulled through this brave act. Get back to your previous life, but with minor changes. Yes, it sure will take time to recover. Will my cancer be back anytime soon? If this question pops into your mind often, remember that having an optimistic attitude and doing some lifestyle changes will help prevent relapse.

  • Acceptance – what you have gone through was challenging, yet you pulled through.
  • Pace – if you cannot do the work the way you did before, your current speed is completely fine.
  • Nourish – mental nourishment should be your priority. Help those who need a hand as you did once.
  • Delish – enjoy your new way of eating your healthy meals.


5. Build Yourself Around Cancer


It is alright to learn deeper about the same. Reach out to more support groups spread awareness from everything that you have studied in your battling journey. Research and be updated as so many lives decide that this is the end of the world and move to a decision that cannot be turned right instead of battling it to survive. This happens when they have the slightest knowledge and support around them. Let us survive by battling others’ journeys as well!

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