Close the Care Gap: Chapter Two

Close the Care Gap: Chapter Two

Cancer is a ruthless disease affecting millions of people worldwide and, even more, is the second leading cause of death globally. But do not be disheartened yet, for there is hope. With advancements in medical technology and increased awareness, we are now better equipped to fight this battle. Kudos to the brains behind the back-to-back advances in medical science!

February 4th, World Cancer Day, is a day dedicated to spreading awareness about this global life threat. Every year, on this day, we come together to remember the ones that lost their lives to cancer, show support to those currently fighting the battle, and raise awareness to help those at risk prevent it. Here is us doing our part.

1. World Cancer Day: The Launch and Why?


The Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) launched World Cancer Day in 2000 to bring the global cancer community and the whole world population unified in this fight to end cancer. Precisely, February 4th, to us all, is a day to celebrate the courage and strength of those who have fought and are fighting this battle. And a day to celebrate our progress in this global fight against cancer. This international community is committed to ensuring that everyone, regardless of income or location, has access to life-saving cancer treatment. Let us partake, unite as a group with this same purpose and do our part for the cancer community.

2. The Goal Sheet in the War on Cancer


One can never be least bothered hearing the term “cancer.” In fact, it is still a curse word to many. To all those people, the world is evolving, and so is the cancer cure. This day’s prime goal is to raise cancer awareness and reduce its social stigma. Other goals for us are: Assisting patients with recognizing early cancer signs, educating them on the major risk factors, and emphasizing the importance of regular screenings.

3. The Theme This Year


2023 marks the second year in the three-year ‘Close the Care Gap’ campaign for World Cancer Day, which primarily focuses on equity. This year’s campaign is all about bringing together individuals, organizations, advocates, and policymakers to call for and act on change. The theme is to identify and address global inequities in cancer care that prevent certain socioeconomic groups from fully accessing critical healthcare services. This is the year to challenge the status quo and work to reduce stigma, listen to cancer patients and their communities’ perspectives, and let those actual experiences drive our thoughts and actions. Let us get cancer care for all by uniting one and all.

4. Make a Difference, Make It Loud


The initial step is to educate ourselves and those around us. Sharing information on social media, participating in local events, and talking to your acquaintances about cancer are a few ways to spread the word. Next, make a difference by supporting organizations dedicated to the fight against cancer. Whether it is through donations, volunteering, or participating in events – every little bit helps. Your generosity is their necessity, so even doing the minimum can go a long way. Finally, do not miss taking care of yourself in this process: adopt healthy habits such as regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, and saying no to any factor that increases your cancer risk, say alcohol or tobacco, for instance.


You can help put an end to cancer no matter who you are. This World Cancer Day, join the fight. Any amount of help can inspire change and move us closer to a cancer-free world. Remember, World Cancer Day is not just about raising awareness, but it is also about celebrating life, hope, and resilience. So, let us unite and do our part to beat cancer once and for all! Join the fight, and light up the night on World Cancer Day!

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