Can't stop yawning? 5 Ways to Avoid Yawning

Can't stop yawning? 5 Ways to Avoid Yawning

Yawning is an involuntary psychological response to certain triggers for your brain. We usually do not give it a second thought. Let us have a look at some of the theories behind why people yawn.


* By yawning, we usually end up taking a deep breath. This can be a simple way using which your body increases the oxygen supply in your blood whenever it drops.

* Yawning can be a signal to yourself that your body has become too tired and that it needs sleep.

* Yawning can be a way of communicating boredom(nonverbally) in a social situation.

gif3Though involuntary yawning during an important social gathering is something that is frowned upon, we are continually looking for ways to avoid yawning while we are at work, on a date or any other important gathering. There are a few simple steps following which yawning can be avoided.



Make it a point to get proper sleep every night. It can become very hard to manage your everyday routine without sleeping properly for at least 7 to 8 hours.

2.Take a break


Make sure you divide your workload equally throughout the day and take regular small intervals between tasks rather than taking one long break.

3.Small nap

Take a small nap if you start feeling very tired. This might not be as easy to do as said. But small power naps are known to refresh your energy and make you more active once you wake up.


Make sure you follow a regular sleeping and stick to it every day. Late night internet surfing and movies that end during the middle of the night should be restricted.

5.Avoid fatigue

Once you start feeling fatigued, make sure to move around for some time and build up your energy. Coughing or even stimulating a sneeze can also help at times.

But if you feel that the problem is too frequent for you, it might be time you meet a local physician and get medical help.

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