Breaking the Stereotypes - Ft. Asthma

Breaking the Stereotypes - Ft. Asthma

Have not we all come across at least one person that carries an inhaler non-stop? Asthmatics do that because – they never know when and how they could fall sick. This rapid breathtaking condition has its own set of fake scenarios portrayed to be the truth. Pledge to know and make our fellow beings know what wrongs we have had about this very familiar condition – Asthma. And what better day than today – the World Asthma Day!

1) Asthma – The Mind’s Fault


Somewhere, someday, a one-time thing that happened; has made the crowd conclude – asthma, indeed, is psychological. Whereas in reality, it is not always so. Though triggers vary with the person; and could even be psychological, it is not the mind that needs a puff but the lung.

2) No Wheeze; No Asthma


Some people have this thought that if you do not wheeze, it is not asthma. This rolls straight up to the myth’s side as it is not necessary for an asthmatic to suffer a wheeze with every attack. Some wheezes only reach the doctor’s ears.

3) Age Sets Asthma Free


Again, something that is talked about a lot in every asthma talk. It is true that asthma prevails more in kids, but that does not faint the chances for them to carry it as an adult. Even when you have not had a wheeze in quite a while, it never declares you asthma-free. So, keep a timely check.

4) Inhalers – Not So Safe


Not true; There is no single medication that is all good; each one has its bad list too, some short while some go long. This does not weigh down its worth; when in demand, agree? People as well complain, asthmatics: an addict to their treatment puffs; well, asthma is a long-term disease that demands treatment out of the blue. When in need, it is a need, not an addiction.


5) An Asthmatic – Never a Sports Person


Sidelining asthmatic kids with this tag is prevalent among parents. It is cent percent good to be safe, but not the right choice to shut down a whole new world for the kid. Every child needs to hit the ground with every other growth phase. It is true that sports could trigger asthma, but it is never beyond treatment, right? So, forget asthma; let your kid have their share of fun.

Though we all have known asthma for quite a while now, it might not have been the truth. Undoing the wrongs and adding on the rights on asthma shall be our plans for this World Asthma Day!

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