Best Times to Drink Green Tea

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


When you start getting a taste for it and enjoying it, any time can be a good time for green tea. But there are specific hours of the day when drinking tea would be very beneficial for you. It is important to make sure drinking tea does not get in the way of your sleeping habits.

Today we are here to shed some light on what would be the results of drinking green tea during different times of the day.



Best time to drink green tea


Green tea would be one of the preferred options as a morning drink. It could have the right amount of caffeine to give you the morning boost you require. Unlike a cup of coffee, green tea has the amino acid L-theanine in it. This prevents the caffeine rush in your body and makes sure your energy sustains throughout the day. Green tea prevents drowsiness as well.


Boost your metabolism


Green tea can help in your digestion process and speed up your metabolism as well. There are no exact guidelines as to when you should be drinking green tea for this to happen. But it is suggested that it would be best if you drink green tea an hour before your meal or an hour after your meal. Depending upon the amount of EGCG in your green tea it is suggested for you to consume around 3-5 cups in a day.

Before or after a workout?


Drinking green tea both before and after a workout has its individual set of benefits. Consuming green tea before a workout increases your endurance, focus and helps you lose weight as well. Consuming green tea after a workout can replenish and refresh you.

Best time to drink for skin care


Green tea makes sure your skin is adequately hydrated and it also has anti-inflammatory properties. Green tea helps in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles around your eyes. They reduce the sebum helping in clearing acne and also fight against photo-aged skin. Green tea not only helps your skin as an internal applicant. It can also work as an external applicant for your skin. Use loose green tea leaves and take a facial steam bath to keep your skin refreshed. Every cup of green tea you consume counts when it comes to helping your skin.

Best time to drink for weight loss


If you are looking to lose weight by consuming green tea, the best time for it would be before you start your workout. Studies have shown that consuming a combination of EGCG and caffeine 90 minutes prior to your workout increases the rate of fat oxidation during your workout. When you are out shopping next time, choose the green tea which has a higher composition of EGCG. While preparing tea, make sure you increase the temperature and let the EGCG and caffeine extract seep in. Both EGCG and caffeine are bitter; hence the more bitter the tea, the higher are your chances of weight loss.


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