Best Time to Eat food

Timely consumption of food is not something we usually give a huge importance to. But this is a mistake that is going to cost us a lot. Maintaining a proper eating schedule that synchronizes with your circadian rhythm is very important.




  • Have the first meal of your day within 45 minutes since you have woken up.
  • Make sure to have your breakfast around 7 am.
  • Never let your breakfast timing never cross 10 am.
  • This is a meal which has to be rich in proteins.



  • Your lunch timing should be between 12.30 and 1pm
  • Make sure that there is at least a 4-hour gap between your breakfast and your lunch.
  • Delaying lunch after 4 pm is not advisable.


Best time to Eat food



  • 7 pm is the ideal time for having the last meal of your day.
  • A minimum gap of three hours is required between your lunch and your dinner.
  • Your dinner time must never cross 10 pm.
  • Eating late can get in the way of your sleep.



  • This might not be widely known but there is a perfect time for snacking too. This is the time between meal while your body might need a few extra calories to continue its work without any hassles.
  • Around 11 am 3.15 pm and 9.30 pm are the time when your stomach might start to feel the pinch for some food. Make sure your willpower is strong and you go behind healthy snacking options, rather than calorie-rich junk food.



Best time to Eat food

  • Make it a point to never workout while your stomach is empty. Especially following a weight training regimen in an empty stomach is very dangerous.
  • A pre-workout meal is suppose to be rich in protein. This helps your body distribute the proper energy required by your muscles to workout. Your pre-workout meal can include eggs, peanut butter sandwiches, protein shakes, etc.


best times to Eat food


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