Avoid These Food Items and Look Younger

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Despite numerous attempts to look young, many feel that their look is not in harmony with the number of candles they blew last year. Tired of all the anti-aging products used so far? Are you curious to know what you can do? We do not want to exhaust you with a list of anti-aging products. Instead, we will take you through dietary changes to help you look young.



1. Coffee or Caffeinated Products


Mornings do not start fresh without a cup of coffee. The caffeine present in coffee has a stimulating effect on your brain. But do you know it can make you age sooner? Caffeine, a diuretic, removes excess fluid from your body and causes dryness and fragility. In the long run, it gives an aged appearance. Do not worry about missing your cup of coffee. Drink a glass of water after your morning coffee to beat the dryness.

2. Fried Potatoes


All of us crave a crunchy snack like fried potatoes. But as far as aging is concerned, fried potatoes and fried foods are the culprits. They hasten the aging process by releasing free radicals responsible for cellular damage. They also contain trans fat. You would know for sure that trans fat increases the risk of heart diseases. It also causes wrinkle formation and premature aging by constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow to the skin. Want to look younger yet do not want to sacrifice your favorite food? Try baking it.

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3. Sugar


Obsessed with sweets and thinking of vigorous cardio to burn the calories? But sugar consumption is not always about calories. Eating foods that contain an increased amount of sugar makes you look old. Sugar hastens the process of glycation and makes glucose bind with proteins and lipids. It thereby results in wrinkle formation and destroys collagen, and gives your skin an aged appearance.

4. Alcohol


If you are a party person, then be alarmed that your skin might age up faster. Having an occasional glass of wine is not a concern, but perpetual alcohol drinking is harmful. It damages the liver leading to toxin build-up, which, in turn, causes damage to the skin. Sallowness, loss of collagen and elasticity, acne and wrinkle formation, puffiness, dehydration, and redness are the effects on the skin.

5. Processed Meat


Never does a person say no to grabbing a burger or sandwich. As you know, they contain processed meats like sausages, bacon, etc. Processed meats have their effect on aging by triggering inflammation and causing dehydration. They also disrupt collagen formation by decreasing vitamin C. Swap your processed meats with home-cooked meats or lessen your intake to have youthful skin.

Aging signs are dependent on factors both from inside and outside. Anti-aging products cannot solely change the way your skin looks. To beautify your skin from the inside, do avoid foods that speed up the process of aging. Also, consume good foods that can make you look young.


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