Article on iCliniq on Page 2 of The Times of India.

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

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Q: Why is there some discomfort after using Q-tip?
As reported there are high chances that you might have ruptured your tympanic membrane. Did your ear bleed after using Q-tip? If yes, then there are high chances of perforation in your ear. Please consult an ENT doctor a... Read more »
Q: Why am I having bleeding from ear canal after Q-tip cotton removal?
I understand your concern. As your ENT doctor had already examined your ear and says no cotton is inside that means only infection is there. I think if blood is coming out from the ear and your hearing is impaired than t... Read more »
Q: I get recurrent ear pain whenever I clean my ears with q-tips?
I know how frustrating this problem can get. You can follow the advice mentioned below. 1. Please stop using earbuds q-tips as they introduce infections into a sensitive region such as the ear. 2. If there is pus coming ... Read more »
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