Are You Smiling Through Pain? This Is All About It!

Are You Smiling Through Pain? This Is All About It!

A concern of constant focus all this time for swaying people toward suicide is ill mental health. While some lay bare, depressed faces; a few mask up a smile through their pain, fighting demons in silence; this latter bunch counts to be facing smiling depression. With losing lives to suicide comes a pang of guilt “never knew he was struggling!” which pains the loved ones even more additive to the loss. So, let us learn to overcome and help overcome silent sufferings.

1. Smile in the Light; Cry in the Dark


While we spot a depressed person to be one with a no-smile face, we fail to notice what our so-called absolute perfecto’s eyes tell us. What is bizarre about this condition is that the depression we know lets a person drown both physically and socially; but in this case, their social life is all well off; but the hidden pain they battle in the dark is glossed over not just by them but by our perspective of them.

2. Smile in Pain? Why So?


Every human act reasons a previous happening’s learning or unlearning. Likewise, for this out-of-ordinary depression type – a drastic life switch, fear of getting judged, an expectation going in vain, familial stigma, a constant pressure to be always right, etc., hold the cause. In recent times, social media has become one major trigger of smiling depression as a perfect life is all that it demands, which in reality, never exists.

3. Be You; Not Just You, the Better You


A cure to every mental health trouble starts with acceptance and seeking help. Battling depression is not an easy peasy job, right? It would not happen overnight; instead, it takes working through one’s inner self over and over, getting up from fall after fall. Choosing a trustee to talk to: be a professional or bestie you do not mind sharing. Opening up all that is bottled up within helps wean away from the depressed zone little by little. A thirst for wanting to be the better you help take a turn from the depressed you.

4. You Are Not Alone


Knowing that low mental health is not something that needs to be ashamed about makes you break the ice a tad better than otherwise. Everybody goes through such a phase; while some make it through, another gets caught up in it for a while. I know it is not the same for all, but the least we can do is not compare; instead, fight yourselves from the thought that exposing the true you makes you vulnerable. Listen, it does not make you look weak; rather, it shows your existent inner strength.


Let us make this mental health awareness month, May; be a way; for these silent sufferers to wean off depression all away. Help and take help to make mental health never a concern.

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