Are You Listening to What Your Body Is Telling You?

Are You Listening to What Your Body Is Telling You?

As we grow, we have always been told to ‘be aware’ – of a million things. But did you know? You will usually do exactly what your body needs you to, without having to rely on an external alarm system (human or otherwise). You are aware when your tummy is knocking for food. You are aware when your brain says it is high time you get to bed. The more you are aware, the better your body responds. This blog will fine-tune the benefits of body awareness.

1) Your Body; You Worship!


As hectic as life can get, it really depends on how you look at things or how you choose to handle them. Would you prefer an emotionally-charged reactive pattern to be your M.O? Or a practical way that heals and soothes your mind and body? Remember, nobody stays with you forever, not even your problems – but your body does. What you feed your mind is what you are feeding unto your body. Treat yourself with mindfulness, and act as though your body is a temple that you live in.

2) World vs. Myself!


In our childhood, you and I would have lived with laughter and joy connected with our bodies. As we become adults and strive to cope with this fast-moving world, we unintentionally disconnect from our bodies. Make no mistake; today is the day you stop letting your body down and start paying attention. Listen to your body to maintain the stability of its constant needs. Yes, it can be tiring to manage, but hey! This body of yours needs tons of love and affection to breathe. Treat it just as you would treat your beloved.

3) Evil-Eyed Folks!


Working with our bodies may sound doable, but the surroundings we are in sometimes make that goal pretty close to impossible. We become aware of our bodies, but only through the lens of the restrictions and standards imposed on us to fit in. Trust me, every one of us is far from perfect (which is entirely okay if you are happy with your body). The rest of the world’s judgment is only valuable to your trash bin. You speak for your body, not others. You learn the capacity of your body, and nurture it on your own terms. When you do this from your heart and let go of the weight of other people’s opinions, your body becomes your haven. And if you’re feeling brave, you can even strut your stuff in front of all those disapproving, perennially-unsatisfied people.

4) Who Rules? Food Rules!


A good mood sets in with good food. Don’t we all agree on that? Yet somehow, we bypass this one fuel our bodies need to run, not by complete avoidance, but avoidance of the good, nutritious stuff. That has to stop today! If you can indulge in a good warm long shower with your favorite fragrances daily, you sure can give your body the right food and nutrients to balance your mental and physical health.


If you pay attention, you will hear the sound of your body knocking. Listen to the siren call of your body encouraging you to level up, and become the best version of you that even you have never known.

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