Ape the Stoics to Wander on the Colorful Side!

Ape the Stoics to Wander on the Colorful Side!

Does the term ADHD seem nerve-wracking or catastrophic to you? Do you understand what the term entails? Really confusing, right? Is it a mental disorder or some form of hell being unleashed? Putting two and two together can be back-breaking, especially when you are unaware of what ADHD is. If you have seen the wood for the trees, take a deep breath, pause for a moment, and spring a step ahead, so you can realize that ADHD is not all helter-skelter but a beautiful picture to paint at!

1. The Buzz and the Goss About Neurodivergent


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a multifaceted brain condition that affects people of all ages. People living with ADHD struggle with organization, focus, and impulse control. All thanks to progressive neuroscience, we can safely and proudly say that ADHD does not fall under the jargon of mental sickness or learning impairment. But is rather a condition wherein the brain is wired differently, thereby affecting the self-management system of an individual. In the millennial world, such individuals are known as neurodivergent, a term incorporated to destigmatize ADHD and treasure every aspect of it.

2. Hold Your Horses, Fellas; Cause, You Are Wrong!


Usually, people assume that lack of concentration and being hyperactive makes an individual ADHD affected, but what if we told you that you have been wrong all this while? Because lo and behold, that is definitely incorrect. ADHD individuals can indeed be high on energy as if they are on a crazy sugar rush, but that alone cannot warrant the diagnosis. If an individual is like fury, with dynamic effervescence, but can also control their emotions actively, with appropriate responses, then it is likely that the person is just jolly, full of fun, and frolic. Bummer! We did tell you that you have been wrong all this while!

3. Take the Good With the Bad


ADHD is associated with several emotions that can make the life of the sufferer and the caretaker a tad bit difficult or chaotic to say. They can be either hyperactive or underactive, fidget a lot, and may have a hard time getting along with others. But with all that being said, these individuals have so many good traits which can qualify them as superhumans or superheroes! They are true empaths, think on their feet, and have their creative juices flowing at an all-time high! That is not it because they can be exceptionally comprehensive, hyper-focused, persistent, conversation linguists and have a contagious zeal of motivation. Last but not least, they are the last of the romantics, having the ability to love you to the moon and back!

4. Sway Step by Step, Drop By Drop


An initial diagnosis and not knowing how to manage ADHD effectively can overwhelm caregivers and families. Life may feel as if it is crumbling down at every corner, but it need not be that way. You might need support to gather a few tricks up your sleeve while being there for the ADHD individual. Reach out to support groups or seek help from professionals.


Educating yourself about ADHD can go a long way in managing it effectively. Life is always an adventure with ADHD, and you should treasure the chaos. Patience, with a sprinkle of love and a scoop of empathy, is all you need.

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