Announcing the launch of iCliniq Version 1.0 (beta)

iCliniq Version 1.0 ( has been launched after a lots of hard work and team efforts. Thanks and Kudo’s to the whole iCliniq team.

The iCliniq concept as ‘Telehealth and online doctor consultation‘ has been brainstormed and brought into light by an innovative company  called ‘Orane Healthcare Pvt Ltd’, which is currently functioning from the heart of an upcoming Internet city called Coimbatore in India.

The iCliniq application has been released as a doctor-patient telehealth portal to address non-emergency consultations and for online doctor appointments. It act as a central service platform, and encourages hospitals to add their doctors and specialists to be available for online consultation. At it’s core, iCliniq is capable of facilitating online consultations (through built-in video conferencing and collaboration tools), appointment booking and patient health record keeping.

Now with the launch of version 1.0 we are happy to announce that, we have signed with more than 10 premier hospitals to participate in this Telehealth program to serve their customers efficiently.

Our dedicated software delivery and R&D team at Orane Healthcare Pvt Ltd, is committed to provide the complete technical solution to improvise the platform to be more useful and to be more accessible through any Internet powered devices ranging from traditional Desktop Computers to today’s Hand Held Devices and Smart phones. The efforts the team has taken so far is fantastic, and now they are working very hard to release the version 2.0 soon with more exciting features.

This is our official blog, where we announce new and experimenting features. We appreciate your valuable comments and feedback to improve our services.

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