Always Feel Tired?

Always Feel Tired?

Feeling tired the whole day once in a blue moon is fine, but if you feel exhausted and sleepy the minute you get out of your bed on a daily basis, it is not something normal, and you definitely need to take a look at your previous day’s habits. If you feel worn out the whole day and cannot narrow down on the cause, maybe this will help you pick out the reason and fix it soon. The following practices can affect your health, productivity, and your social life.


1. Heavy Caffeine Intake


“More coffee please?” If you have been asking this or been taking three or four coffee breaks a day, the caffeine content in coffee might be the culprit that is keeping you exhausted. Things can happen over a coffee, but when the coffee itself gains control over your well-being, you must consider limiting its intake. Coffee, chocolate, tea, etc., contain caffeine that can disrupt your sleep pattern. It keeps your brain stimulated and makes it hard for you to fall asleep. As a result, you will wake up with a not-so-good night’s sleep and continue your day with exhaustion.

2. Skipping First Meal of the Day


Breakfast, the most significant meal of the day, literally means breaking the night-long fast, and skipping breakfast impacts your health in many ways. It leads to poor attention, lack of alertness, low mood and energy levels, stomach ulcers, increased risk of heart diseases, and fatigue. You can prevent these just by having a nutritious breakfast. If you lack time, just take toasted whole grain bread, egg, milk, or any fruit.

3. Too Much Screen Time


If you constantly switch through every application on your smartphone, binge-watch movies or shows, or have a computer-based job, you are definitely feeling tired because of this. Blue light emitted from your devices affects sleep by suppressing the release of sleep hormones. Eventually, you will end up getting out of bed weary in the morning. Instead, you can find ways to reduce your screen time and use blue light filters on your screens and glasses.

4. Iron Deficiency


Iron is an essential mineral for our body’s function and well-being. Its deficiency can lead to anemia and deprived oxygen in our tissues and muscles, resulting in fatigue and tiredness. If you constantly feel worn out without any reason, get your iron and hemoglobin levels checked. And if you find yourself anemic, try adding foods rich in iron, such as nuts, dry fruits, spinach, red meat, soybeans, seafood, etc., to your diet.

5. Dehydration


Not drinking enough water the whole day might not seem to be a big deal, but in the long run, it is. Whether you are resting, cooking, have a physically tiring job, or a desk job, sipping water throughout the day is essential. If you become dehydrated, the blood volume decreases, and the amount of oxygen that reaches your tissues also reduces, making you feel exhausted. Do not wait till you are thirsty. Remind yourself to sip on water at regular intervals.


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