Ace Your Digestion – Tips and Tricks

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Is your stomach burdened after eating your meals? Do you not feel lite after eating or waking up in the morning? Do you spend an awfully long time in the washroom experiencing hard stools? The chances of facing all this uneasiness can be due to a poor digestive system. How about we see what we can do at ease to balance our digestive system to feel lite?

1. Water Your Body



Not watering your plants leads to drying or losing their strength; likewise, not hydrating yourself throughout the day leads to constipation. Drinking a minimum of three to ten glasses of water every day is as important as having three meals a day. To avoid disturbing our digestive system, an individual should intake a sufficient amount of water according to their weight on a daily basis.

2. Meditation for the Soul


Stress these days has become very common amongst everyone despite age. When we face difficulties in handling the pressure, we lose our appetite, which eventually affects our health. We cannot stop what we ought to face in our daily life; however, losing ourselves over the pressure is not how a healthy life is led. Implementing yoga, meditation, or any sort of physical activity calms your nerves and helps relieve stress from your system.

3. Eat in Peace



All of us cultivate different ways of eating; one may gulp the food, whereas one may eat slowly, one may have a sip of water after every bite they take, whereas the other keeps the food in the mouth for a longer period without swallowing. Eating habits vary with people, and they influence digestion in many ways. Bad eating patterns lead to bad digestion. Also, while having your food, it is best to put off your electronic goods. Give your eyes the fulfillment of what is on your plate. Taste every bite of your food and dwell on the food you eat.

4. Nutriate Your Gut


It is necessary to implement gut-supporting nutrients into your diet, such as probiotics, zinc, and glutamine, as it helps in functioning your troubled digestive system.


Probiotics – They are nothing but healthy bacteria that are available as supplements or in fermented foods such as yogurt. They help your digestive system and improve the symptoms of constipation and diarrhea.
Zinc – Including zinc in your diet will help you treat leaky gut, colitis, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. The foods that satisfy your zinc demands are shellfish, sunflower seeds, and beef.
Glutamine – An amino acid that supports gut health is glutamine, which again is available as a supplement. It has shown potential in reducing leaky gut in an individual who is beyond ill. Almonds, eggs, soybeans, and turkey can shoot your glutamine level.

“There is always a solution for everything; the point is how deep can you go to find yours. To make your life easy, we are here to help with guidance to improve your digestive health in the longer run.”

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