A sneak peek into the world of #iCliniq100hrs

A sneak peek into the world of #iCliniq100hrs


 “The supposed great misery of our century is the lack of time” – John Fowles

As we rush against time to meet deadlines and spend time with family, our concern lies with cutting lines and engaging in a far less crowded space of work. This is also one of the main reasons for us to avoid doctor consultations. The long queue, the crowded waiting room seems a little tedious for those ten to fifteen minutes of appointment and report review. While most reputed doctors spend very little time with one patient, the anxiety to clarify all the medical doubts mounts. We are often left with millions of questions that have us in the grip. As a result, there is always an expectation to have an unhindered conversation with doctors who can resolve all the queries thus putting us out of our misery.

With the growth of the internet, we have also witnessed tremendous improvement in the healthcare space. Pioneers of online healthcare consultation service in India, iCliniq recently launched an innovative and much-needed digital doctor service – iCliniq100hrs. Trending with the #iCliniq100hrs, the service entails a myriad of facilities for those who wish to have unlimited medical access. Through this program, the registered user has up to 100 hours of consultation with a doctor from the wide range of specialties, thus enabling them to communicate and clarify their queries and concerns anytime, anywhere.

A sneak peek into the #iCliniq100hrs showcases the following anticipated and appreciable features.

1. User-friendly interface
The entire setup of this service was created keeping in mind the user. Therefore, the page is incredibly easy to understand. Every user can easily navigate through the page without much technical assistance. As a page for those in need of quick help, one does not have to worry about learning the functionality of the portal.

2. Low cost for unlimited service
At a low price for 100 hours, the service is a boon to those who are in need of medical assistance but is not in a position to shell out big money. As specialists are assigned to each medical case, the patient can quickly be assured that there is value for money and the answers received are legitimate and accurate.

3. Over 80+ specialties within medical science
With over 2000 doctors answering questions across 80+ sectors of healthcare fields, one can find the whole gamut of medical services under one roof. The doctors registered with iCliniq are well trained and experienced thus making them specialists in their field of work.

4. Chat based interaction
Each query is sent to the assigned doctor. Once the online consultation is done in the query, an SMS or E-mail is sent to the user based on the preference set. With such efficient notification system in place, the iCliniq 100 hrs becomes the top-of-the-line online medical service offered in the country.

About iCliniq:

ICliniq is a second opinion platform, where one can consult doctors online. You can get your health issues solved from wherever you are.

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