A Night Owl’s New Itinerary!

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Attention to you – night owls! This piece of unwelcoming fact is to avert you from what you have been repellent from – sleep! If the dark keeps you up, contrary to being the time to doze off, your schedule needs a fix asap. Lack or denying a necessity is deprivation; in the case of sleep, anything under six hours fits into it. So let us learn what and about – sleep deprivation.

1) Sleep – The No Bucks Therapy



A good nap relaxes you out of any jam-packed schedule you have had. This happens mainly due to the calmed inhale and exhale we get while sleeping. Falling asleep relaxes our muscles and breathing system from the whole day’s happenings. So, when we lack sleep, our organs lack their me-time. It hampers their productivity and makes them function less than they would normally. Nightowls here is your reminder that it is not too late yet to join the morning person club.

2) Prevent the Preventable


Lack of sleep collapses the hormones, making their range up and down the normal lane; one hormone that suffers most in this concern is cortisol – the stress hormone. This cortisol reasons for your sudden blood sugar hike and the out-of-range sleep routine. Also, a bad sleep schedule cultivates a bunch of diseases, including heart problems in a person. So, stop being an insulin depender by fixing your sleep schedule right.

3) Snack Not, When It Is Dark



Our organs never slack off; in fact, they work even in sleep. During sleep, our body’s food processor – the digestive system burns off the excess fat we have within us, which cannot work fine when you are sleepless. Well, this must be new to many – but it is a fact. Faulty digestion in itself fuels weight gain, which most of us would not definitely enjoy. Also, night owls will definitely know how addictive a mid-night snack is, which again adds a few extra pounds. So, midnight snack – is off the itinerary.

4) Sleep – To Set Your Brain Right


The highway of our body is the nervous system, and sleep is enormously sufficient to keep it functioning. Elsewhen, there could be serious health troubles. When the body undergoes sleep deprivation, it exhausts the brain, which in return fails to perform the expected out of it. When this keeps happening for quite a while, the person may even start hallucinating, as lack of sleep also stands to trigger mania in people suffering a bipolar.


Shifting from being a night owl to an early bird could keep you jetlagged for a while. But jetlag wears off in a few days, right? So is a habit. There is nothing far from attainable after it makes its way to your daily itinerary. So, make minute progress till you make your own morning ritual.

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