A Guide to Staying Away From Panic Attacks

A Guide to Staying Away From Panic Attacks

Panic from time to time is normal; what is abnormal is if it happens in excess and is never-ending. Panic attacks are more prevalent now than it has ever been due to the busy lifestyle we lead. While some suffer pain in the dark, the queue in the therapy clinics is never-ending on the other side. If you panic over anything and everything, the below tips could be your rescue.


1. Seek Help


Most of us will agree on the concept – To manage certain things is beyond us! Right? Severe panic is one of such kinds. It is okay to get help sometimes when you do not feel fine. Panic does not have to be dealt in the dark. Instead, gear up and talk to someone you trust or ring your therapist’s doorbell.

2. Acceptance Is the Key


The current page has to be flipped to skip to the next part; denial never lets you do that. So instead, try to accept your panic as it is and keep moving. Acceptance might portray you as weak, but in truth, it shows your strength.

3. The Power of Affirmations


Motivation comes from within! Start with you. Tell yourself that it is going to be okay and shall pass. These affirmations filter and purify your thoughts, keeping you far from panic. Make meditation and deep breaths a key to pull you out from the verge of a breakdown.

4. Alcohol and Smoking: A Strict No


The harm that alcohol and smoking could do to you is nothing new, and the list still keeps piling up. One addition to the million other ill effects of these habits is triggering panic. If panic attacks hit you hard, it is high time you put an end to alcohol and smoking.

5. Exercise – A Boon


Healthy living does not just prevent physical problems; it eases mental pain too. Making a few lifestyle modifications can help you break from panic attacks. It is proven that exercising can help regulate stress and set your mood right. If exercise is not your routine yet, make it one.

6. Caffeine – The Culprit


Are you a coffee lover? If so, this could make you frown. Researchers conclude that coffee drinking can highly trigger panic attacks in people who otherwise suffer from panic of some sort. Though quitting coffee cannot solve the issue, gradually cutting down could minimize the attack frequency.

Problems are part of everybody’s life; none can be problem-free. Problems make and break a person; It is up to us to choose what it does to us! Overcoming and adapting to the challenges and accepting them shapes life.


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