8 Ways to Quit Smoking

8 Ways to Quit Smoking


Consumption of tobacco is unhealthy, in whatever form you may choose. Smoking becomes highly addictive because of the nicotine it contains. Passive smoking is considered as dangerous as smoking. Hence you endanger not only your health but also that of your near and dear ones.

Go Public: If you are looking to quit tobacco, it would be better to go public about it. Speaking to nonsmokers about quitting increases your chances of quitting by 25%. They will help you resist the temptation to smoke and be at your side whenever necessary.


Stress Less: If your smoking habit is stress induced, it is time to take charge of your life. Stress in itself is dangerous, let alone coupling smoking with it. Work on ways to reduce stress and think of healthy alternatives for smoking while in stress.


Don’t Give up: Contrary to popular belief quitting isn’t an easy task. It is going to take several attempts from your side before you smoke the last cigarette. Do not lose hope. If you fail, start over again.


Consider your Diet: If you are a habitual smoker and need a cigarette after every meal, consider changing your diet. Meals rich in fruits and vegetables reduce your appeal towards smoking. Look for an alternative task that does not keep your mind idle after a meal.


Break the Link: If you frequent specific places to hang out while smoking, stops going there. If you smoke at a particular joint on your way to work, take an alternative route. Break such obvious connections you might have that remind you of smoking.


Substitute Something Else for Cigarettes: Quitting is definitely going to feel odd. Look for healthy substitutes to keep yourself busy. Stock up on sugarless candy/gum or even lollipops(if you feel like it) to keep your mouth busy.


Reward Yourself: You are obviously going to save a lot of money by quitting smoking. Reward yourself for both quitting and saving. Treat yourself to a movie, new clothes or even a nice meal in a fine restaurant if you want to. Trust us; you will feel you have earned it.


Opt for Counseling : Attend counseling sessions and join de-addiction programs where people share similar problems they had faced while quitting. This will help you trust in yourself and quit smoking. It is never too early or too late to seek help from experts in this case, if necessary. 


Follow the link to speak about your problems, with a professional online –> CLICK HERE

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