8 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse

8 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse

Awareness of child abuse is something that has been coming to the spotlight for quite some time. But, are we sure we can spot it in time to counter it? Listed below are a few signs of child abuse, you need to be aware of.


1. Trust your instincts

child abuse

The reason for increasing cases of child abuse is because people do not act upon their suspicion. Suspicion is more than enough to make a complaint. Trust your instincts and act upon them at once.


2. Lookout for injuries

child abuse

Always be on the lookout for injuries on a child’s body. If he/she is hesitant to speak about them or does not have a proper explanation for that; it might be time to act.


3. Child’s behavior

child abuse

Any changes in the child’s behavior is something you have to look into. Sudden isolation, aggression or intolerance can be a result of abuse.


4. Lack of interest

child abuse

Abuse may affect a child’s life in several ways. Look for a sudden lag in the child’s performance in education or physical activities as well.


5. Watch your child

child abuse

It is not to be ignored if a child is hesitant to go to a specific place or stay around a specific person where or with whom he/she used to be comfortable earlier.


6. Unusual weight loss 

child abuse

Look out for unusual weight loss or a drastic change in physical appearance in a child. Abuse can cause the child to go into depression and lose interest in food.


7. Attention

child abuse

Notice If a child is acting clingy towards others or is trying to get your attention. If so, the child might be looking for a way out of his/her problems and is  seeking someone who he/she can trust.


8. Emotional support 

Ask a psychiatrist

Emotional support from someone he/she trusts is essential to get the child back to his/her normal phase, once the abuse has been put an end to. Never hesitate to get expert help when it comes mental health. Ask a psychiatrist now.


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