8 Ways to Cope With Depression

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Feeling depressed may interfere with your work, and result in lower productivity. It can also affect your relationships and can trigger some health conditions. Treating depression can be a challenge. But, with proper therapy and support, many people have overcome depression.

The following are some tips that may help you cope with depression:



1. Challenge Negative Thoughts


Identifying the thoughts that you get when you are depressed is step one. You have to prevent all these negative thoughts and train your mind to focus on positive and inspiring views.

2. Shift Your Attention



When you feel your mood and negative thoughts weigh you down even after challenging them, divert your attention to something else. This method has been proven to be effective in overcoming suicidal thoughts. Mindfulness exercises have shown to be effective in shifting focus.

3. Setting Small Goals


Even doing your routine activities might feel daunting when you are depressed. Breaking such tasks into smaller tasks might make a lot of difference. Plan your day in advance. Instead of thinking about going to work every day of the week, take one day at a time. Start by getting out of the bed, take a nice hot shower, eat your favorite breakfast, and then drive yourself to work. After you finish each task, appreciate yourself.

4. Include Physical Activity


Make sure you get some physical activity every day and avoid considering it an exercise. It can be anything like going for a walk or doing your household chores or any activity that makes you move around.

5. Talk to Your Friends and Family


Most of us hide and avoid our friends and family when we are depressed. Try not to do that, as these are the people who can help you with your depression. Talk to them about the things that are stressing you out. You might get the help and support that you need to fight depression.

6. Talk to a Psychotherapist


Depression should not be taken lightly. It can seriously affect a person’s mental and physical health. So gather the courage to talk to a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist. They are experts in dealing with depression and can provide the best advice possible.

7. Avoid Using Alcohol and Other Substances


Alcohol and drugs are used as a way to distract themselves and cope with depression. It might seem like it is working in the beginning, but it is not healthy. Drinking and doing drugs can actually worsen depression and can also cause irreversible damage to other organs of the body.

8. A Sense of Humor Is Essential


Find ways to make yourself laugh. This breaks the chain of all the negative thoughts in your mind and helps you overcome them. Watch a funny movie or series, talk to a friend, or read something funny.


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