7 Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Hair loss in men can be the result of several internal and external factors. While most of them can be out of our control, a few of them can be avoided if we take the proper precautions.

Today we bring you the most common causes of hair loss in men.





Stay cautious while choosing your shampoo, conditioner or other hair colorants. Make sure they do not have too harsh chemicals in their composition, that can damage your hair. In the case you are already suffering from hair loss, it is advised that you do not color your hair.




A few medications you follow for other health concerns might have hair loss as one of their side effects. In case you will have to consult your doctor and look for any alternatives if available. It is not advisable to look for other options without consulting your treating physician.



Make sure you do not follow heating and drying procedure on your hair on a regular basis. Your hair becomes vulnerable to damage when it is dry. If done so regularly, the process can weaken your hair protein, making your hair fragile and eventually leading to hair fall.



Hair fall can be one of the prominent side effects of continuous stress. Make sure you avoid stress or learn to de-stress yourself on a regular basis. Practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis not only helps in reducing stress but also keeps your hormonal levels in check.



Smoking any kind of cigarettes has several side effects on your body, including hair loss. Smoking reduces the quantum of blood that flows to your scalp hence resulting in hair loss.



The composition of your hair shaft has one-quarter of water content in them. Hence making sure you are well hydrated also improves the quality of your hair. Make sure you drink at least six to eight cups of water a day to keep yourself well hydrated.



A variety of health conditions, including skin-related health conditions, can cause imbalances in your hormonal levels, further leading to hair loss. Make sure to visit a doctor on the early stages itself if you start noticing hair fall.


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