7 Ways to Quiet Your Mind

7 Ways to Quiet Your Mind

Everyone has come across the situation where our mind is filled with a billion thoughts and we are not able to focus. To increase our productivity, we have to look into ways to keep ourselves stress-free and find peace.


1. Start Your Day


Never reach out to your phone before you even open your eyes. Before getting out of your bed, take a moment to pull yourself together and become mindful of what you are going to do. Set your personal priorities for the day and focus on accomplishing them first.

2. Breathe


Constant anxiety and stress can increase your heart rate and your body’s core temperature. When you feel you are stressed or under severe anxiety, start taking long deep breaths. This can help your body get back to normal.

3. Be Present


Always try to focus upon the moment you are dealing with in the present. While you are trying to focus, do not let your mind wander into the past or start predicting scenarios as to what might happen in the future.

4. Grab a Friend


At times though we know what is the right thing to do, we might need to hear it from someone else. Make sure you have a friend with whom you can discuss everything you are going through. Hearing things through someone else’s friendly voice can help you in moving forward.

5. Listen to Music


Listening to a song or music of your choice can always be an escape from thoughts you want to avoid. Music can not only help distract your mind but it can also be a tool that helps you reduce stress.


6. Get Creative


Start focusing on activities which require a little creativity to keep your mind quiet. Let us say you are cooking something, make sure you only focus on the food and how to make it better. You will be able to realise that your mind learns how to focus under creative circumstances.

7. Get Help


If you feel you are still not able to control your mind and things are getting out of hand, it may be time to get some professional help. Discuss your mindset and changes in your behavior with a doctor, who can help get your life back on track.

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