7 Ways to Increase Your Concentration

7 Ways to Increase Your Concentration

Learning to concentrate is not as complicated as you think. Follow these tips and feel the changes on a day to day basis.

1. Pay Attention

Pay attention:- Your brain cannot process & memorize information unless you pay proper attention. Avoid distractions like loud music or television, when you are trying to concentrate.

2. Involve as many senses as possible

Involve as many senses as possible:- Use two or more of your senses, to help you concentrate. Practices, like taking notes in a lecture or reading out loud what you are trying to understand, will help you better.

3. Relate new information to what you already know

Relate new information to what you already know:- There are certain existing memory & information strands which you feel are easy to recall. Correlate new information with these existing memories to process and remember information faster.

4. Develop a healthy lifestyle

Develop a healthy lifestyle:- A healthy lifestyle with a proper balanced diet, enough sleep, regular exercise and no intoxicants compliments your mind. This helps with the proper flow of blood & oxygen to your brain, reducing the risk of stroke, memory loss or even Alzheimers.

5. Understand information

Understand information:- Try to understand information, rather than memorizing words. Note down what you already know and figure out what the missing gaps would be. By the end of the day, you will not remember the information but know it practically.

6. Exercise your mind

Exercise your mind:- Develop ways to make your mind sharper, like learning a new language or trying to figure out solutions to complex problems, etc. These practices will form new neural connections in your brain and keep your mind ready always.

7. See a doctor

See a doctor:- Certain prescribed drugs that some of us take on a regular basis can also pose a threat to your memory. If you suspect any such behavior, please see your family physician immediately.

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