7 Ways to Cope With Night Time Depression

7 Ways to Cope With Night Time Depression

By keeping ourselves busy, it becomes easier for us to cope with depression during the day, in case of people suffering from mild or moderate depression. Our day to day responsibilities like work, school or other social activities help us ease our mind. But, the problem starts during the night when we do not have much to do and are left to ponder in our thoughts.

But there are ways which can help you clear your mind and stop depression from creeping in and disturbing your sleep. Read further to know a few of these techniques.



1.Engage in activities

Get yourself involved in activities that help create positive thoughts. Participate in activities like singing, writing and drawing etc to keep your mind creative. This way you will go to bed on a positive note.


2. Slow down

Make sure your body starts unwinding itself at least a couple of hours before sleeping. This slows down all the activities of your body and gets you ready for sleep. Proper sleep is essential for your overall health.



3. Screen free bedroom

Make sure you leave everything that creates negativity out of your bedroom. Make sure your bedroom is a place which is calm and creates a lot of positivity. It is better not to have any visual media in your bedroom.


4. Yoga and meditation

Relieving yourself from stress at the right time helps a lot. Practice yoga and meditation to make sure you do not reach your bed with stress. Going to bed with stress keeps your brain active and makes you get less sleep. Plus the stress starts creeping and induces depression.


5. Avoid bright screens

Try not to look at any bright screens for at least two hours before bed, and dim the lights as much as possible.


6. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake

Both of these can increase symptoms of depression. Caffeine too late in the day can also disrupt your sleep.


7. Build up your self-esteem

Think of some ways to build up your sense of self-worth, such as taking a martial arts class, starting a new hobby, picking up that musical instrument you used to play, or taking a night or online class in a subject that fascinates you. Feeling good about yourself and what you’re accomplishing helps keep rumination at bay.



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