7 Ways to Cope when Your Favorite Loses a Match

7 Ways to Cope when Your Favorite Loses a Match

If you are an ardent sports fan, you must be aware of the fact that the taste of defeat when your favorite team or player loses, can be very bitter and overwhelming. But the fact is losing in any sport is as much part of the game as winning is. Being a fan, it is very important we learn how to handle the loss and stay with the sport.


1.Acknowledge your feelings.


At times we might get emotional when our favorite team or player fails to perform well. This is something pretty common, there is nothing wrong in getting angry or upset. It would be better for you to acknowledge these feelings. Please make sure you vent it out and get back to normal after some time.

2.Eat something.


Food can always be a very good comforter, this also works out when you face disappointment too. But it is imperative that you should look for healthy options. You will by nature, be pushed to choose sweet and unhealthy options when you are coping with loss. It is up to you to avoid the temptation and make sure you stay away from unwanted extra calories.

3.Turn off the TV.


Let us say you are watching a game and the team or player you favor loses, you do not have to continue watching the highlights and submerge yourself in disappointment. It is better to switch off the TV do something else. Find something else to keep yourself occupied.


4.Remember it’s just a game.


Your life has far more essential aspects than who wins or loses in a game in which you might not even be playing. It is very good to have fun and be excited while the game is going on but you do not have to hammer yourself after a loss. This might in no way affect your disappointment at the heat of the moment, but it will help you move on quickly.

5.Stay loyal to your team.


One loss or a small span of disappointing performances should not affect the support you give for the player or the team you favor. Trusting your favorites even after minor disappointments can give you a psychological boost once they win again. Sticking with your choices during rough times will give humongous satisfaction when they win.

6.Be optimistic.


The beautiful thing about sports is that it never comes to an end. The is almost always another game. This simply means there is another chance to win again tomorrow. Instead of dwelling in the past, be optimistic towards the future games they could win again.


7.Talk to a therapist.


Being sad for a short span of time is never something unusual. It is up to us to make sure this does not take a toll out of your emotional health. If you feel that you are not able to cope with it and the loss is affecting you in the long term, it is better to get professional help. You should never ignore something that keeps disturbing you psychologically, just because it is a result of a sporting event.

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