7 Tips for Keeping Your Spine Healthy and Strong

7 Tips for Keeping Your Spine Healthy and Strong

When you are looking at a healthy lifestyle, keeping your spine in good shape is often overlooked. It is estimated that 80 percent of people face issues with their spine at some point in time. There is a higher chance for people with obesity, people who smoke or people who sit or stand for an extended period to suffer from this problem.

Here are a few simple tricks you can follow to keep your spine healthy.



1. Exercise regularly

You would have heard this on a regular basis but this is always the best way to keep your entire body healthy. Staying in proper shape will make it easier for you to maintain an appropriate posture. Not much but a small fitness regime for about 45 minutes will help you maintain your health.


2. Maintain good posture

Irrespective of whether you are sitting or standing make sure your knees, your hip, your shoulder and your ears are roughly in a straight line. If you do not maintain this posture, you will notice that shoulder and your neck will start slouching and affect your posture. This will put excess pressure on your back damaging your spine.


3. Pay attention to your body

If you feel that your back is starting to hurt on a regular basis, please do not ignore it. Analyse the situation and try to judge what is causing the issue. If you are not able to pinpoint the reason for the pain, get the help of an expert. If noticed in the earlier stage it is easier to rectify the issue. Never make the mistake of ignoring the pain.


4. Sit and sleep comfortably

Make sure your back and neck have the proper support to maintain posture when you sit or lie down. Lower back support is very important for people who sit for a long time on a daily basis. Take proper care before choosing your mattress or your pillow. Wrong posture can create serious consequences.


5. Lift properly

While bending down to lift heavy objects, make sure most of the pressure is diverted to your knee rather than your lower back. Before exerting the pressure make sure your knees are bent down to absorb the pressure. This will make it easier to handle the weight and also avoid unnecessary damage.


6. Walking

Avoid slouching or leaning forward while walking. Make sure your posture is upright while you walk. Walk in a brisk phase evenly distributing your body weight between both your legs.


7. Lose weight

Excess body weight can very easily lead to back pain. If you are already experiencing symptoms of back pain, it is mandatory that you start shedding the extra kilos.


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