7 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Low

7 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Low

Just like how we have extremely good and happy days, we also have days which are extremely bad and sad. Crawling and hiding under a blanket would seem like the easiest way out of such days. But it isn’t so. Here are a few tips that we know from experience will work.


1. It’s just a phase


Remember that this is not the way you felt yesterday and definitely not the way you are going to feel like tomorrow. Just focus on the movement and give your best shot to make the day better. Your attempts might or might not change anything. But you ain’t going to spend the rest of your life feeling the same way.

2. Burn some calories


Instead of staying idle and keeping on thinking about it, move out of your premises and get some physical exercise done. It does not have to be a fullfledged workout. Take a jog around your block or a short walk to the market would do.


3. Reach out to someone


You might feel the need to avoid all human contact during such a time. But catching up with old friends or socializing with your acquaintances will help a lot. It would be a lot better if it is face to face but if that is not possible online would work too.

4. Chill out


Do something that usually gives you a good feeling. It could be as taking a long drive, listening to a specific playlist of songs, trying to play a new musical instrument or even watching a movie if it would work for you.


5. Skip Alcohol


You might or might not be a person who consumes alcohol on a regular basis. But it is imperative that you skip alcohol on such days. You might think it would make you feel better but you will actually end up feeling much worse than earlier. It also affects your sleep hence making the problem even worse.

6. Eat right and stay hydrated


Piling up fast food in your stomach with a high carbohydrate content will give no solution to your problems. It will only add extra calories as one of your problems. Skipping meals will do not good either. Make it a point to eat right in such situations. Keeping yourself properly hydrated is equally important.

7. Depression and feeling down are totally different


Feeling down now and then is very common and very easy to deal with. But if such emotions are consistent and you are really not able to feel anything this could be depression. In that case, it is imperative that you get professional help. Just because you are getting professional help it does not mean you have a serious problem. Depression is pretty common and can be treated very easily.

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