7 Surprising Sources of Radiation in Your Home and the Hacks to Avoid It

7 Surprising Sources of Radiation in Your Home and the Hacks to Avoid It

1. Mobile Phone

The mobile phone has replaced your watch as the device you carry around, all the time. The fact is, your mobile device is a very bad source of radiation.

Risk Profile: This might not be common knowledge but the less signal your mobile receives from your service provider, the higher is the radiation it emits. This is because when the mobile phone does not receive a proper connection, it sends out more signal in an attempt to establish a good connection.

Hack: Try using an earphone jack so that your cell phone is not always close to your head,thereby reducing the effects of radiation.

2. Wi-Fi

While we are focusing on mobile phones, we often forget the fact our home Wi-Fi is a miniature cellular tower by itself.

Risk Profile: The fact that you can switch off your Wi-Fi when you need not want it, is unnoticed. Running your Wi-Fi through out the night though you do not use causes unwanted and consistent radiation exposure.

Hack: Make sure your Wi-Fi device is on, based on necessity. Try using a wired internet connection if possible.

3. Stabilizer/Inverter

These appliances (that do not usually come under the list of devices we notice every day) are also a source of EMF. The older these devices get, the stronger is the EMF damage.

Risk Profile: These devices are likely to cause harm to your health if they are placed within a distance of 3 to 5 feet. You could be at risk if you have an AC stabilizer close to your head in your bedroom or if you work close to your fridge in the kitchen.

Hack: Try to place your AC stabilizer away from your bed and move your fridge a little further away from the area in your kitchen that is mostly occupied by you.

4. Old Electric Circuitry

Heavy electric circuitry in huge buildings and apartment complexes can also create an EMF.

Risk Profile: These electric circuitries are a consistent source of EMF. Similar to stabilizers & inverters, the effects are more dangerous with passage of time.

Hack: The wirings in these buildings are to be changed periodically with due course of time.

5. Electric Shaver:

These devices might not have an EMF as strong as the devices we have discussed earlier. Nonetheless they are also dangerous since these are devices used in close proximity.

Risk Profile: The proximity pinot of these devices are the ones we come in close contact with.

Hack: Try to use these devices from a safe distance as far as possible. While using your dryer, have a distance of at least one feet between your hair & nozzle.

6. Laptops

This device carries the risk of both radiation & EMF.

Risk Profile: The EMF created at the bottom of a laptop can create infertility in adults in the situation of high exposure on a regular basis. They might have been named laptops, but that does not mean they are to be used by placing it on your lap.

Hack: Use a cooling pad at the base of your laptop and always use your laptop by placing them on a table.

7. Microwave Ovens

The name says it all. The microwave ovens usually do not emit any kind of external radiation. Even these devices have radiation leak when they get older.

Risk Profile: The higher is the risk factor, for the person who works in close proximity to the microwave oven.

Hack: Replace your microwave oven on a regular basis. Switch off your oven when you are not using it.

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