7 Simple Ways to Lose Belly Fat

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team


Excess belly fat can not only be embarrassing but can also become a nuisance to deal with at times. Though you are able to lose weight, it can become specifically challenging to lose weight around that area.

Here are a few effective tips using which you can reduce your belly fat.



1. Eat Plenty of Soluble Fiber


The soluble fiber you consume mixes with water and creates a gel-like substance that slows down the time food takes to travel through the digestive system. Make it a point to include high fiber food in your everyday diet. Brussels sprouts, flaxseed, avocados, blackberries and shirataki noodles are a few potential sources of soluble fiber.

2. Avoid Trans Fats



Trans fats are a result of hydrogen being pumped into unsaturated fats. Soybean oil is a typical example. Trans Fats are usually found in margarine and a few spreads. Packed foods are often stuffed with Trans Fats. Trans fats are also known as partially hydrogenated fats. If you are looking to reduce your belly fat it is imperative that you check your food labels and avoid food with a high trans fat content.

3. Avoid Alcohol


Alcohol can have minor health benefits if consumed in smaller quantities. But increased and regular consumption of alcohol can be very harmful. Excessive consumption of alcohol can be easily linked to belly fat increase. It is better to avoid alcohol entirely or at the least limit your consumption if you are looking to maintain a small waistline.

4. High-Protein Diet


Protein has a major role to play when you are looking at the concept of weight loss. When your diet is rich in protein your body releases the hormone PYY, which makes your stomach feel full soon. When you are focusing on weight loss, your body needs to consume a lot of protein since it is responsible for preventing muscle loss.

5. Reduce Your Stress


Too much stress pushes your adrenal glands to secrete and release cortisol. Cortisols are also called the stress hormones of the body. They are known to result in you gaining a lot of belly fat. Engage in activities that relieve your stress hence reducing cortisol secretion. Practicing yoga and meditation are effective ways to relieve stress.


6. Eat Fatty Fish


Consuming omega-3 by way of supplements or by eating fatty fish helps improve your health as a whole. Omega-3 can be of great help to people who have a lot of belly fat as a result of fatty liver disease.

7. Get Enough Sleep


Similar to other functions of your body, sleep also plays an important role while it comes to managing weight. When you do not have proper sleeping patterns or have disturbed sleep, it might result in your waistline becoming bigger. If you feel you are suffering from sleep apnea or any other disorder related to sleep, you might need to contact an expert.

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