7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

When you suffer from depression, you feel helpless and decide that there is no way around. This is not the case. With proper counseling from experts and positive effort from your side, depression can be countered. 

Read along to know the simple but effective ways which can help you in your fight against depression




1. Get Proper Sleep

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Depression usually plays around with your sleeping pattern. Both loss of sleep or oversleeping can be a result of depression. This is a circle, irregular sleeping patterns further worsen your depression. Make sure you follow a scheduled sleeping pattern. In extreme cases, talk to a doctor and opt for a mild dose sleeping pill.



2. Stop Drinking Alcohol

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Alcohol might seem like a way out. But all it does is worsen the situation. Increased consumption of alcohol can at times be a sole reason for depression. Speak with a psychiatrist and practice going to group therapy. This will help a lot.



3. Take a Multivitamin

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Deficiency in specific vitamins can also induce depression. Make sure you follow a balanced diet with a variety of vitamins. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor who will be able to identify your specific deficiency and prescribe multivitamin tablets accordingly.


4. Set Yourself Goals

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Set day-to-day goals and motivate yourself. They do not have to be very big changes. We can start with minor lifestyle changes. Make a schedule and make sure to stick to it whatsoever. Note down your achievements and reward yourself.


5. Have Fun

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

This is a task that was so simple earlier but turns out to be a tough one while suffering from depression. The thought of having fun becomes strenuous by itself. But it is very important to grow beyond that and start getting your life back together.


6. Meditation

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Meditation creates an overall impact on your mindset. If you’re having a cluster of thoughts or find it difficult to sleep, take some time to meditate. Close your eyes, clear your mind and focus on your breathing alone.



7. Communicate

7 Simple Hacks to Deal with Depression

Lack of communication can, at times, be a cause for depression. The type of people you surround yourself with matters very much. Confide your feelings in someone you trust. 


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