7 Secret Tips To Stop The Aging Process

7 Secret Tips To Stop The Aging Process


Moisturize: The texture of your skin is determined by the moisture content in it. Dry skin creates wrinkles which will make you look timeworn. Get professional help to decide the type of moisturizer that would suit your skin.


Hydrate: Water is a primary requirement to maintain an active metabolism. Stay hydrated throughout the day and add fruits(with high water content) to your meal.


Avoid Looking Down At Your Computer Screen: Always setup your computer screen in such a way that when you look at it, your backbone and neck are in an erect position. Looking down at your computer screen from an upward position causes wrinkles in your eye. Crouching down to look at the screen affects your posture and makes you look old.


Massage: A proper massage session will relax your muscles and increase blood flow to every part of your body. This replenishes your energy level and lets you stay active.


Workout: Reserve at least one hour of your time every day for a workout session. Basic cardio and muscle training would suffice to keep your appearance at prime.


Don’t Smoke: If you prefer to look old, smoking is the easiest way to get there. Smoking affects your aging process both internally and externally.


Be Happy :) Stress; this one word seems to be associated with any and every attribute when it comes to your health. Recent studies suggest that it takes a toll on your aging process as well. In this fast paced life, I would be lying if I say you can avoid stress as a whole. Learn to combat stress by enjoying minor joys of day to day life. Practice meditation, this allows you to calm the negative effects that stress has on your body.


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