7 Myths About Diabetes

Written by Dr. Veena Madhankumar and medically reviewed by iCliniq medical review team

Myths About Diabetes

Having become one of the common disorders for all age groups in recent days, there are several myths floating around about diabetes. These myths sometimes lead to misinterpretations and result in worsening the situation for a diabetic.



1. Can’t eat sugar

Myths About Diabetes

People with diabetes can’t eat sugar: This is the most common and widespread myth about diabetes. People with diabetes can consume sugar. They only have to make sure to do it in moderation and reduce the frequency of consuming all forms of sugar. They have to make sure to maintain an overall balance in their diet.


2. Type 2 Diabetes – Mild

Myths About Diabetes


Type 2 diabetes is mild: No specific diabetic condition can be considered mild. Any form of diabetes can lead to serious complications without proper management. This does not mean you should be freaking out every single minute. Follow your treating physician’s advise to the T and you will be fine.


3. Type 2 diabetes and Fat People

Myths About Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes only affects fat people: This is another widespread myth about type 2 diabetes. The only fact is that obese people have a higher risk of becoming a diabetic. Statistics say more than 20% of people who have diabetes are either of average weight or underweight.


4. Blindness and Leg amputation

Myths About Diabetes

People with diabetes go blind and lose their legs: Since diabetes creates constant fluctuations in your blood pressure, blood sugar levels and your weight; it can become a cause of blindness and amputations. Constant monitoring of such factors and once again following your physician’s advise is more than sufficient to keep you away from such risks.


5. Sexual dysfunction

Myths About Diabetes

People with diabetes have sexual dysfunction: There is always a difference between having diabetes and not being able to control diabetes. Men with uncontrolled diabetes suffer from low libido and erectile dysfunction. While women suffer from vaginal dryness.


6. Diabetic diet

Myths About Diabetes

People with diabetes should only eat diabetic food: Diabetic food has gained a lot of popularity in the last ten years. These artificial sweeteners often have a high content of sugar alcohols or other sweeteners as a replacement for sugar. Such sweeteners are expensive and at times cause other adverse side effects unrelated to diabetes.


7. Starchy foods

Myths About Diabetes

Starchy foods are off-limits: Starchy foods have a high carbohydrate content. As long as you follow a balanced diet, there is no harm in consuming such food. Choose unprocessed high fiber food which gives the proper vitamins and minerals your body requires, keeping a check on your blood glucose at the same time.



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