7 Most Common Food Allergies

Food allergies are specific abnormal responses of your immune system to certain foods. These responses can be mild or severe depending on the situation. Allergy responses include swelling, vomiting, breathing trouble, itching or diarrhea. Here is a list of 7 foods which cause allergies most commonly.



1. Fish

An allergic reaction to fish is commonly seen in adults. Anaphylaxis is once again the most common allergic reaction to fish. Fish, shellfish and other similar seafood are a few of the prominent allergic foods.


2. Egg

Egg allergies are commonly seen in children under the age of 3. Once they start growing the system usually starts accepting eggs. Egg allergies are known to reflect in the form of anaphylaxis. Allergic reactions are usually caused while consuming certain foods in their raw form. Cooking an egg destroys most of the allergens in them usually. But certain people can become allergic to cooked eggs even after they grow up as well.



3. Soybean

Allergy to soybeans is once again common in children below the age of three. They usually grow out of it during their later stages of life. Most of the time, a person allergic to soybeans can also become allergic to milk.


4. Nuts from trees

Allergic reaction to nuts is usually reflected throughout your life. Certain people are allergic to specific nuts while others are allergic to all nuts as a whole. Even though you are not allergic to nuts certain situations can lead you to become anaphylactic if you consume nuts.



5. Meat

Certain people are allergic to meat like pork, mutton or beef. Cooking usually destroys most of the allergens in the meat, but this does not always stop the allergic reactions.


6. Spices

Allergic reactions caused by spices are usually mild and only become severe on rare occasions. The usual allergy-causing spices are saffron, fennel, paprika and coriander.


7 Most Common Food Allergies


7. Wheat

The common allergen found in wheat is gliadin which is a protein found in gluten. If you suspect that you have a gluten allergy speak with a doctor now and alter your diet to match your condition.


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