7 Heart Attack Risk Factors You Can Control

7 Heart Attack Risk Factors You Can Control

The onset of heart disease in a person is the result of several risk factors. A few major factors can be outside our control. But about 90% of factors that increase the risk of us suffering from heart disease are under our control. You can reduce such risks by making lifestyle changes. For other factors that increase the likelihood, you might need medical intervention.

Here is a list of a few of the risk factors which can be handled through making lifestyle changes.




Plaque buildup in your arteries can be reduced by maintaining healthy levels of LDL (bad) and HDL (good) cholesterol. Proper lifestyle changes can help you maintain a healthy balance, but you might also need medical attention in some instances.



Smoking can be directly linked to one in four cases of heart attacks. People who smoke have a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack while compared to non-smokers.



Several triggering factors of heart attack are linked to being obese or overweight. Make sure you maintain a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), do not let your weight fluctuate a lot and keep it in the healthy range.



Stress and anxiety are also significant risk factors for a heart attack. Stress and anxiety tighten your arteries by raising your blood pressure. When your mental health gets affected, it might result in poor eating habits and physical inactivity.



A healthy diet can prove to be a pretty effective weapon when you are battling the risk of heart disease. Make sure your diet is rich in fresh grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, fish, and poultry. Reduce the consumption of sugar and red meat.



If you are diabetic, it automatically doubles your chances of suffering from a heart attack. This is because diabetes can lead to high blood pressure, which increases plaque buildup in your arteries.



Increased consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of you suffering from a heart attack by raising your triglycerides and causing irregular heartbeats. The stipulated alcohol consumption for a person is restricted to two drinks for men and one drink for women.


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