7 Habits That Destroy Your Heart

7 Habits That Destroy Your Heart


Being one of the vital organs when it comes to the functioning of the human body, heart is to be given special care. The fact is that even in this age of information, we are not aware as to what affects our heart’s functions and how we should be taking care of it.

Find below the habits that top the list of factors damaging your heart.

Lack Of Exercise: People with less or no physical activity are two times more prone to suffer not only from heart disease but also from Type-2 diabetes. Not only lack of exercise but also mindless snacking can lead you to be overweight, affecting your body in turn.


Eating Too Much Salt: Salt is the factor that increases the taste in your food. That being said, some prefer food with an overdose in salt, resulting in high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a factor that directly affects your heart and increases the chances of a stroke. Remember this the next time you add the extra pinch of salt to your meal.


Increased Alcohol Consumption: Social drinking once in a while will not have any adverse effects on your body(wine is even good for health if taken in limited quantities). The problem arises when drinking becomes a regular habit(even twice or thrice a week). Alcohol not only affects your heart but also damages your liver, harm your bones, increases the risk of hypertension and creates problem with your memory as well.  


Leaving Your Depression And Anxiety Untreated: Increased levels of stress, uncontrolled anxiety or unnoticed depression is also responsible for destroying the proper functioning of your heart. If noticed at the right time and treated carefully their effects can be minimalised as a whole. They also damage your immune system, decrease your energy level and can also have a harmful impact on your nervous system.


Smoking: There is no area that smoking does not touch when it comes to its negative effects. Heart disease is by default on the top of the list of the consequences of smoking.


Lack Of Sleep: An adult is to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep(undisturbed) every day.  Sleep deprivation has several impacts on your heart. It also creates severe hormonal imbalance leading you to eat more which intern leads to increase in your weight and affecting your heart indirectly. Hormonal imbalance also takes a toll on your mind’s stress coping mechanism once again affecting your heart.


Sitting All Day: Having an active lifestyle always helps, rather than sitting around for 4 to 5 hours a day. A study says that people with no active lifestyle double the chance of heart disease. 

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