7 Habits that are Damaging to Your Brain

7 Habits that are Damaging to Your Brain
7 Habits that are Damaging to Your Brain


Working When You’re Sick:

When you are sick your entire metabolism including your brain’s activity level slows down. Pushing your body to study or to work at that time may even cause long-term damage to your brain.

Not Eating Breakfast:

The longest a person does not eat is between breakfast and dinner. This depletes all the nutrients in your body. Hence skipping breakfast drains your body further leading to adverse health effects.

Sleeping With Your Head Covered:

This increases the intake of carbon dioxide while breathing and reduces the oxygen level in your body. This might damage brain cells, since oxygen is vital for brain function.

Not Engaging In Stimulating Thoughts:

Just like your muscles your brain needs flexing too. Deeper thoughts increase your brain function keeping your brain active.


We know smoking causes cancer but the fact that addictive nicotine leads to Alzheimer is not widely known.

Too Much Sugar:

Increased consumption of sugar will reduce your body’s capacity to absorb nutrients from your food. This leads to malnutrition hindering your brain development.

Air Pollution:

Polluted air is low in the oxygen content. Hence breathing polluted air reduces the oxygen content in your body.


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