7 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

7 Foods That Increase Sperm Count

Super Food to Increase Sperm Count.

1. DARK CHOCOLATE:  Beware when you share a dark chocolate next time. Being rich in amino acid L-Arginine HCL, it increases the sperm count in men and heightens the intensity of men’s orgasm as well.

2. SPINACH: You might not like it, but spinach is rich in folic acids which in turn boosts sperm count.

3. BANANAS: We know bananas have a high vitamin content, but did you know they are rich in an enzyme called Bromelain – surefire. Hence bananas give a kick -start if it comes to increasing sperm count.

4. CARROTS: The widely known fact is that carrots are good for your eyesight. Very few are aware that carrots play a greater role in positively influencing men’s sexual health.

5. NUTS: Nuts have high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It takes only 50 to 80 grams of nuts to work wonders in this case.

6. MUSHROOMS: Rich in vitamin D, mushrooms increase blood flow in the body. It’s a boon for those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

 7. RED FOOD: Lycopene is a chemical that gives the reddish color to fruits like watermelon, tomato, etc. If consumed on a regular basis it increases sperm count by 70%.

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