7 Flu and Cold Home Remedies

7 Flu and Cold Home Remedies

Suffering from cold and flu creates major concerns since they come along with severe side effects that can ruin your regular flow of work.

There are several home remedies for this situation. We have listed a few of the top remedies which are the most effective in this situation and can help you ease from the discomfort.


1.Chicken Soup.


Hot chicken soup is very effective against the symptoms of upper respiratory infection. Hence it is an excellent remedy when it comes to cold or flu.


2.Stay hydrated.


If you are suffering from cold or flu, you might end up becoming very dehydrated. Make sure you consume a lot of fluids. Regular fluids fruit juices, herbal tea and a fair amount of water should help. Excess caffeine might not do much good since they can start acting as diuretics.




3.Take it easy. 


Your body will need a good amount of time to heal. Make sure to take a day off and get some well-deserved rest. Not getting enough rest might worsen the situation the next day.


4.Steam it up.


Steam from boiling water can kill germs in your nasal passage and help relieve stuffy nose. It can be very helpful to install a humidifier in your bedroom.


5.Salt water gargling.


Salt water gargling at least two times a day helps in fighting against the symptoms of scratchy throat and soothe the breathing process. Warm water and salt can kill the germs and prevent further infection.




6.Drink ginger tea.



Ginger helps in stimulating mucus production by activating the nerves responsible for mucus production. Add hot water to some crushed ginger and let it stay for a few minutes before drinking it. This helps you get relief from irritation in nasal cavities, scratchy or dry throat and provide some comfort.




Being very rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in strengthening your immune system and helps your body fight against the symptoms of cold and flu. Add lemon extract to warm water, drink fresh homemade lemonade regularly. Lemon also gives good relief from phlegm.



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